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Infamous Aero - A90 Supra Widebody

The A90 Supra Widebody is our latest flagship project that best represents who we are and what we are capable of. This kit was designed, 3D printed, molded, and assembled completely in-house at Infamous Aero, making it 100% Canadian made! The kit consists of a 12-piece over fender setup with the option to add an Infamous V2 Front Splitter, designed specifically for this kit, and/or the Infamous A90 Ghost Tail Wing! The final kit dimensions are +60mm on the front fenders and +85mm on the rear fenders. The Infamous Aero A90 Supra Widebody is currently available for pre-order and production will be limited. Click below for the full gallery or to pre-order your kit!

untitled-3745 (1).jpg
untitled-3732 (1).jpg

Images Provided By: Northern Car Society

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