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Frequently Asked Questions


How are Infamous Aero Products Installed?

All Infamous Aero products are designed with ease of installation in mind. Whenever possible, our aero products utilize factory holes and mounting locations to minimize the need for drilling. All mounting hardware and brackets necessary for each product are included with every purchase.


For further information regarding the installation process, refer to product instruction manuals as well as our install tutorials.

If you are still unsure, visit us in person and have our certified team install your new aero products to take advantage of our installation warranty.

What countries does Infamous ship to?

Infamous Aero offers world-wide shipping for all our products. No matter where you are in the world, our team will make sure that your order will be packed up and arrive at your door in a safe, and timely manner.

For an international shipping quote, or any concerns, contact us at


* Note: Shipping times may be prolonged due to the COVID-19 pandemic*

Is it possible to receive a sponsorship?

Infamous Aero is committed to supporting and growing the car community at a global level. If you feel that your build embodies the characteristics and passion of the Infamous brand we would love to hear your proposal.

To request a sponsorship application form, please e-mail

What if I don't see any aero for my car?

If you don't see any Infamous Aero products available for your specific vehicle we would love to work with you! Please refer to our Standard Base Price List to get an idea of each product's cost that you are interested in. Next, book an appointment online, visit us in person at our Calgary location, or send us an e-mail at to set up the templating process for your vehicle!

What is the difference between V1 & V2 Aero?

Both V1 and V2 “Indestructible” Aero components follow the same basic design principle and start their lives as raw thermoplastic sheet stock. All V1 and V2 Aero components are proudly manufactured in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

V1 Aero measures ~5mm (3/16”) thick and is made of a proprietary Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) blend. ABS provides many favourable mechanical properties; it is strong, stiff, impact resistant, easily formable, and very durable. Because of this, ABS is the material of choice for OEM manufacturers when making lips, side skirts, diffusers etc. This is why ABS is an excellent base material for our own entry-level V1 splitters, side skirts, canards, and diffusers. Each piece of V1 Aero is meticulously craft manufactured by an Aero Tech in-house at the Infamous Aero Production Facility, making the design possibilities limitless for our clients.

V2 “Indestructible” Aero measures ~10mm (3/8”) thick and is made of a proprietary High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) blend. HDPE is an extremely durable, heavy impact, and chemical resistant polymer known for its high strength-to-density ratio and tensile strength, even in extreme cold weather conditions. As such, it is a commonly used material in arena puck board, ballistic body armour, snowboarding rails/boxes and plastic hammers/mallets. HDPE is the perfect material choice for our premium-level V2 “Indestructible” splitters, side skirts, lip kits and diffuser fins. Not only does V2 Aero offer improved vehicle aesthetics and performance through ground-effects, it also provides a structural reinforcement and protection for your vehicle’s bumpers and side skirts. All V2 “Indestructible” Aero components feature a lifetime guarantee, a crisp radiused leading edge with an easily peelable protective film, and is machine cut on a precision 3-axis CNC router before final inspection by one of our Aero Techs. This guarantees our clients receive a flawless product for every single V2 part.

What if my Aero breaks or gets damaged?

If you daily drive, winter drive, or have an exceptionally low vehicle and are concerned about damaging your aero, the Infamous Team has you covered.

Our primary recommendation if this is a major concern would be to upgrade to our "indestructible" V2 material as it is well, Indestructible and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

However the Infamous Team is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction on all of our products. Should the aero break, or detach due to manufacturer or certified installer error, we will happily replace your piece(s) free of charge. Should the aero become damaged due to an accident we are also happy to discount replacement parts to keep all Infamous vehicles looking their best!

Infamous Aero – Standardized Pricing List


Below are the standard base prices for all Infamous Aero V1 and V2 “Indestructible” Aero components designed by our team. The pricing list is meant to serve as a guide for components not yet offered in our store and for all custom aero parts, these are not final quotes.


Prices shown include the aero component, and all necessary installation hardware/brackets before duties and taxes.

Additional charges apply for shipping, installation, added components (winglets, splitter rods etc.) and extreme customization. For any additional info, or more accurate quotation, please contact us at

V1 Aero

v1 fs.jpg
V1 Front Splitters

$299.99 CAD

V1 Sideskirts

$199.99 CAD

V1 Diffusers

$549.99 CAD