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What sets Infamous Aero apart from the rest?


Installation Guides

Full installation guides can be found HERE. Instructional videos and more can also be found on our YouTube channel!

If you need immediate help please send us an e-mail at

Advanced Technology

Our Indestructible V2 Material is a proprietary, high density thermoplastic that has been specially designed with durability and longevity in mind. 

V2 Aero is CNC cut and has a peelable protective film to prevent scratches during installation. 

This combination of technologies and manufacturing processes allows the V2 line to deliver improved aesthetics, protection, and performance.

Unlimited Potential

Infamous V1 Aero is the perfect entry for any automotive enthusiast in search of affordable aerodynamic improvement and styling.

Constructed from ABS plastic, each piece is hand cut, sanded and finished to perfection. This allows us to offer aero products for virtually any make or model of vehicle!

Infamous V1 Aero delivers unrivaled customizability and affordability in the automotive industry.

If you don't yet see a product in our shop for your vehicle, please refer to our FAQ and Standard Base Price List or send us an e-mail at


OEM Fitment & Mounting Points

Infamous Aero incorporates an OEM+ design that accentuate factory design of your vehicle.

Aero mounting points utilize OEM holes and and mounting locations whenever possible to ensure the best fitment and simplest installation process.

Indestructible Material

Precision cut from a proprietary, high density thermoplastic, the Infamous V2 Aero line is indestructible in this application.


The above photo shows the aftermath of an accident involving a Subaru Impreza and an icy snowbank in the midst of a Canadian winter. *Note all splitter mounting points remain intact.

Precision Cut CNC

Computer numerical control or CNC cut ensure the highest level of accuracy and consistency for all Infamous Aero V2 products. 

The beveled edges add a clean and smooth finish and come standard with all the necessary mounting hardware for all V2 products.

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